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About Red

I started Red Entertainment back in 2009 after The Marvels started becoming popular. I was lucky enough to then start working with a great young band from Cork called The Incredibles who still allow me to be a part of their team to this day. Today I am proud to work with and be a part of some excellent talent like Shine, The Pearls and The Seducers.

Having personally performed over 1,000 events (mostly weddings!) over a 7 year period the wedding business in Ireland has become my home. I think I have the best job in the world getting to spend my day discussing with brides, grooms & event planners on how to make a night a success.

Today I am part of a team here at Red Entertainment that works hard every day to help our clients bring each event in the direction they dream of. We only work with the best suppliers which gives us the confidence to walk with you hand in hand to a successful event.

‘Positive Energy’ is our motto, one we share with the people we work with and the people we work for.

Positive Energy.