I have known Roy for many years. He has become a part of the woodwork guaranteed to be playing after one of the bands at the weekends. Roy is the only DJ I know that rings every Monday to give a full report on how the weekend went, telling how the crowd were the songs that really worked and the late night antics that went on. This just reminds me every week how much he cares about what he does. He loves to Dj with a passion and you can see it in him when he performs. I have never once in all the years working with Roy seen an empty dance floor and if he thought it was getting light he is out there on the floor with mic rounding up the dancers.
Roy :

  • Arrives to set up when the band arrives so there is no disturbance later in the evening.
  • Has the latest in sound and lighting technology to keep the keep the atmosphere of the night alive.
  • Has back up equipment in the case of any system failure so the music can continue.
  • Stays around during the bands performance and notes the music the band has played so as not to double up on music the band has already performed.
  • Will lease with you before the show to discuss your likes and dislikes .
  • Will have any special request ready for you on the night.
  • Will Dress smart on the night or in Black Tie if the night requires.
  • Can cater for any event.
  • Can provide a full evenings entertainment instead of a band to suit any budget.

I have a feeling Roy will be with us till we are old and fat! You can’t help but warm to his energy both on and off the stage.